"Life opens up in so many ways, once your energy has been awakened."

Panache Desai

Reiki Life Force Energy

Reiki is a gentle yet powerfully restorative healing energy that brings a deep sense of calm and overall wellness to the mind, body and spirit. The benefits of Reiki include strengthening natural healing processes in the body by reducing inflammation, supporting pain management, releasing muscle strain and tension, clearing toxins as well as strengthening the immune system and digestion. Reiki promotes a peaceful and positive outlook through release of anxiety and stress, which enhances mental clarity and focus. Reiki healing activates, harmonizes and aligns the vital flow of energy throughout the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well as the central chakra system. Through a deeper sense of calm, Reiki clients have reported achieving deeper sleep as well as meditative states. A Reiki session is a beautiful way to practice loving self-care.

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